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Remixed with Legendary GRAMMY® winning Music Producer Paul Brown
Michael J. Thomas – Vocals and Alto Saxophone
Andre Forbes - Keyboards, bass & drum programming, synthesizers
Composed by Michael J. Thomas
Produced by Michael J. Thomas and Andre Forbes
Executive Producers – Mark C. Nordman and Michael J. Thomas
Recorded by Mark Coleman at Coleman Studios, Navarre, FL
Mastered by Paul Brown at Funky Joint Studios, Sherman Oaks, CA


I Think About Amy (Tempo=98)- written by Michael J Thomas ©2011


I think about Amy, yeah
I think about her all the time
Can't get her out of my mind

I think about Amy
I can't get her out of my head
I think about her all the time


Amy’s a friend
From way back when
Thoughts of her
Still dance in my head

In my eyes
It’s hard to disguise
The way I look at her

She was the first girl that I ever loved
Though she was never mine

Now she's my muse
That I use
to keep my sanity

Chorus 1X